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New 'Grand Beach Hotel' Proposed for Bay Harbor Islands


The Bay Harbor Islands town council will hear the application for a new hotel on Wednesday to go on a large Kane Concourse-abbuting lot at 9601 East Bay Harbor Drive that is basically the closest the Village of Bay Harbor Islands gets to being on the ocean even though it's still basically a schlepp walking over a bridge and then along buys 96th Street and crossing both Harding Avenue and Collins Avenue to get to the actual beach, especially if you're carrying all of your towels and beach bag and other beach junk. The developer is calling it the Grand Beach Hotel Bay Harbor.

Developed by MB Development, the 99 guest room hotel will have generous setbacks with large, light-covered balconies, and a facade of white stucco, glass, aluminum, and what appears to be wood. Six floors of hotel rooms will sit atop a first floor lobby and amenity area, with generous landscaping and a parking garage below.

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