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Comment of the day

"This is not a stadium, which is a field surrounded by seats. Nor is it a residential or office tower which is basically the same floor plate repeated x amount of times. Also this is not an art museum where it's a bunch of rooms with some nice roof for natural light. This museum is a science museum so there is a lot a attention which needs to be paid to mechanical systems, plumbing (aquariums) and structural especially. The aquariums weigh a lot, the equipment weighs a lot, the construction is concrete which takes a month to cure per pour(100 percent) . So this is the most difficult kind of building built using the slowest forms of construction. Anything in steel can be fabricated off site and then be brought and installed no problem. Concrete you have to form there and wait. This is real architecture not just the regular construction that people call architecture in Miami."—archiguy [Inside the Frost Museum of Science's Living Core, on Video]

Frost Museum Of Science

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida