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An Artist Buried a Limo in the Middle of Downtown Miami

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Photos by Sean McCaughan

"Why is there a half-buried stretch limo in the middle of Downtown Miami?" you may ask. "Whose limo is that? Is it a comment on how the decadence of Miami real estate development will bury you, or at least your car, alive maybe?" Turns out, it kind of is.

For Downtown Art Days, Fringe Projects had artist Nate Page create a temporary installation at the future site of the Yotel Miami. According to Fringe Projects:

Known for architectural scale interventions that unsettle thefunctionality of quotidian infrastructure Los Angeles based artist Nate Page will create a dramatic temporaryintervention into the urban fabric of Miami's downtown in response to the burgeoning skyline and rapid pace of development by partially burying a white limousine in the ground with its front fender facing the sky. Engaging ideas of luxury and problematizing notions surrounding the American dream, Page questions notions of "high-end" living in light of Miami's frenetic boom and mythology of excess. Referencing the iconic public 1974 artwork Cadillac Ranch by the art collaborative Ant Farm, Page utilizes anothericon, the limousine to specifically address the context of Miami, a city built upon the lure of tourism and luxury. Situating the partially buried limousine in a vacant plot of prime real estate which will soon be transformed into a high rise condominium, the intervention contributes to expectations of success and failure and challenges viewers to consider their context and surroundings.

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