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U.S. 1 Paseo Project Could be 'Big' News for Coral Gables

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Developer, NP International, is awaiting the City of Coral Gables' approval to move forward with plans for Paseo de la Riviera, a $172 million, 2.66-acre, mixed-use project, shrewdly located across U.S. 1 from the Metrorail and the Underline. Replacing the existing Holiday Inn at 1350 South Dixie Highway will be up to 20,000 square feet of commercial space, 838 parking spaces, a 10-story, 252-room hotel, and an 8-story, 224-unit residential tower. Other key components include a pedestrian bridge crossing U.S. 1 and a half-acre of green space called the "paseo," which will incorporate public art installations, restaurants, and retail, connecting the buildings with nearby Jaycee Park. The development, which architect Jorge Hernandez (who is also working on the project with Gensler and landscape architect Robert Parsley of Geomantic Design) refers to as an "urban living room," proposes to activate the space, enhance walkability and connectivity in the area, improve and better integrate Jaycee Park, and promote an overall sense of community. The developers expect to begin construction within the next year and complete the project by Fall 2017.

According to the Miami Herald, neighborhood residents differ in opinions: some say the project is an exciting addition to the neighborhood, while others worry about density, the project's scale being uncharacteristic to the Gables, and the worsening of traffic to the already appalling situation on U.S. 1 (traffic engineers, David Plummer & Associates were hired to mitigate these issues). At the last Coral Gables Planning and Zoning Board Meeting, there was a lengthy line of residents waiting to voice their opinions, but were left without time for public comment. The board postponed their decision and will return to the issue at the next Planning and Zoning Board Meeting at Coral Gables City Hall, set for 6:00 PM tomorrow, September 16th.—Alexandra J Miller

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