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Lord Balfour Hotel Building New Wing on Ocean Drive

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<span class="credit">[Photos courtesy Amicon Construction]</span>
[Photos courtesy Amicon Construction]

The Lord Balfour Hotel, which was just renovated in 2013, is building a new expansion in the empty lot next door, to its south. Designed by EoA Architects, and being built by Amicon Construction, the contemporary structure with sort of a sailing ship-like wooden facade will contrast with the art deco hotel next door. Enclosed will be 17 new guest rooms, two rooftop lounge areas, and a 'spa pool,' which is probably something in between a hot tub and a pool. Construction is beginning this month, with completion scheduled for next fall. Oh, and just because history and place names are interesting, according to a rep: "Originally built in 1940, the Art Deco boutique hotel was named after the former British Prime Minister Arthur James Balfour." So, there you go.

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