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Chinese Developers Bringing 'Iconic' Building to Brickell, Beach Club to the 'Northern' End of South Beach

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Chinese developers American da Tang Group and China City Construction are planning to bring an "iconic" new building to the former Capital Brickell Place property in Brickell, according to Shanjie Li, the CEO of American Da Tang Group. Curbed Miami once affectionately dubbed the site 'Brickell's Biggest Hole,' because plans to build a tower on the block-sized site in the last real estate boom were abandoned after excavating the foundations. Mr. Li is hoping to negotiate with the Federal Aviation Administration to be allowed to build Miami's tallest skyscraper, but he emphasizes that it is more important that the "whole project be iconic for Miami" he told Curbed through a translator. "Height is only one factor." The project will be mixed use, with residential, retail, and offices. The developers are calling the project CCCC Miami Towers (short for China City Construction Corporation), and they would like to break ground on it early next year.

His company is also planning a beach club to be built on an undeveloped site "towards the northern end of South Beach," Mr. Li said. They are still in negotiations to purchase a vacant property which is "much smaller than six acres" in size, but the deal is close to being finalized. Mr. Li was eager to correct statements being published online about his company's new Miami projects, statements which originated with The Next Miami. "We don't know where that website got the information" he said.
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