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Ibis Hotel Coming to a Brickell Lot that Apparently Used to be Full of Chickens

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An Ibis Hotel is being built by Galwan, a Brazilian developer, on a surface parking lot in Brickell, according to The Next Miami, that before it was a parking lot used to be called the 'chicken lot' because it was full of chickens. It might still be full of chickens, although Curbed didn't check in person.

Back in 2010 the New Times reported that about a year previously the lot had contained the home of a rooster-raising family, which a developer purchased and demolished for parking, sending the chickens to roam free and, the New Times predicted, sadly sealed their fates as roadkill or sacrificial Santeria offerings (to anyone new to Miami, yes that happens a lot) or whatever. It was a case of animal cruelty Miami style. More recently the next door neighbor claims to have found ancient native artifacts underneath his brightly painted bungalow. The proposed Ibis Hotel is planned to be 43 stories, with seven levels of parking and three levels of amenity space on the lower floors. It will have 520 rooms.
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