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Park(ing) Day Miami was Generally a Big Hit on Friday

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<span class="credit">[Photos courtesy The Underline/Park(ing) Day Coral Gables]</span>
[Photos courtesy The Underline/Park(ing) Day Coral Gables]

Yet another Park(ing) Day, the annual event where public space activists camp out in a parking spot, stick some money in the meter, and activate it as a public park for the day, has come and gone, with a healthy number of pop-up parking spot parklets peppered around Miami. Usually there are only one or two, but this year the City of Coral Gables hosted multiple sites (sponsored by The Underline and Books & Books, among others), the Frost Science Museum had one, and so did Metro 1 Realty. We even heard that Miami-Dade Parks did something. There was a whole schmegeggy of them, possibly making it Miami's biggest Park(ing) Day ever.

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