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Fisher Island Penthouse Done Up to the Nines is $25 Million

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The brokerbabble of this Fisher Island penthouse, with its ridonculous ocean views over a beach on an island so full of the second and third and fourth homes of the kinds of people who own second or third or fourth homes that the beach hardly has any people at all on it, makes no apologies for making no apologies, diva style. "Oceanfront Penthouse makes no apologies for being the absolute BEST property on Fisher Island." The $25 million unit has five bedrooms over 7,600 square feet of space, and is listed for over twice what it sold for in 2007, which may account for some of the reason it's been on the market for almost a year. On the other hand, if the joint goes for anywhere near ask it will show that if someone bought on Fisher Island a decade ago they're bound to make a killing.

· 7463 Fisher Island Drive penthouse [Zillow]