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The Wolfsonian is Building an Immersive Jungle in its Lobby

To accompany the upcoming exhibit Philodendron: From Pan-Latin Exotic to American Modern, which explores "the Pan-American cultural exchange that reshaped the gardens, interiors, buildings, and material culture of the U.S in the 19th and 20th centuries" the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum has commissioned a pop-up, indoor jungle for its lobby. Debuting October 16th, the jungle will have four installations created by teams of artists and designers, becoming an immersive entrance to the show upstairs. "Still alive and flourishing today through haute couture fashion, contemporary architecture, and eco-conscious design, the craze for drawing inspiration from tropical plants is a fitting subject for The Wolfsonian, an institution situated in the heart of Greater Miami: the gateway city to Latin America." says the museum. In the city of subtropical modernism, exotic species from everywhere, and alligators, it's also very Miami.

The four installations are:
· Forest for the Trees, an immersive installation by the Columbian-German landscape design duo Mauricio del Valle and Veronika Schunk, bringing the jungle into the museum through monumental plant totems of locally cultivated Philodendron species.
· The Somnambulist's Garden, Miami artist Pepe Mar's collage that critiques the historic legacy of the noble savage and our estrangement from the natural world through the image of a sleepwalker dreaming of an exotic jungle.
· Monstera, Untitled, and Philodendrons: Blue Wall, three works by Miami artist (and daughter of a tropical botanist) Naomi Fisher exploring the balance between nature and civilization.
· Quando Eu Vi Series I and II, Brazilian artist Claudia Jaguaribe's large-scale, panoramic photomural sculptures of composite views of the rainforest.

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