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County Wants to Replace Phillip Johnson-Designed Cultural Center with High-Rise Condos

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Designed by the great Philip Johnson, the Miami-Dade Cultural Center was an exercise in urban revitalization when it was built, with mixed success. Nevertheless, the complex has become a well-known Downtown landmark and could may even be a highly significant piece of architecture. In an essay on Curbed Miami, Marvin Aguilar once theorized that it might be Philip Johnson's very first postmodern building. Now Miami-Dade County wants to redevelop the cultural center into a complex of condo towers, with sufficient space on the lower floors for the existing cultural facilities at the center, the Miami-Dade Public Library System's main library and the HistoryMiami Museum. The plan was revealed at a conference on public-private development partnerships today, reports the South Florida Business Journal. "A priority for the county is that any new development improves pedestrian access to the current cultural sites, which sit raised two stories from street level."
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