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Museum Park Conservancy Could Be Just the Thing

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Photos via Miami Foundation

An idea to create a private conservancy to manage Museum Park is taking serious traction through its sponsorship by city leaders and the Miami Foundation, who are working to found a body that will manage the park much the way that Central Park is managed in New York. The conservancy would also be tasked with fully building out the park, realizing the elaborate designs conceived years ago by the original planners. "Their goal, they say, is to quickly raise at least half of the $50 million needed to build out the park as [originally] designed by the prominent New York firm Cooper Robertson & Partners, with updates and revisions to reflect both what's been already done at the site as well as changes in downtown Miami, and then build and run it." reports the Miami Herald. Renderings provided by the Miami Foundation shows that plan realized.

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Museum Park

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida