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Zaha Hadid's Miami Beach Parking Garage is Dead

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Two developers tried to save starchitect Zaha Hadid's long-stalled Collins Park Garage for the City of Miami Beach, and the city basically said 'thanks, but no thanks. That thing's dead.' (okay, we're paraphrasing here, but it was close) Developers Seth Gadinsky and Glenn Boyer have offered the City of Miami Beach to partially finance and build the architecturally significant garage in exchange for a ground lease on the property to operate the garage privately, and city commissioners said no at their meeting yesterday, reports The Next Miami. They'd rather the garage remain public so they can charge the standard $1.50 an hour or whatever it is to park that city-owned garages in this city charge, instead of a higher, market-driven price that Gadisnky/Boyer would. Instead commissioners issued a request for proposals from developers to build a garage for the city on the site, which (as The Next Miami says) will likely result in far less expensive submissions, and also very likely means death to Zaha's expensive, but oh-so fabulous design.
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Collins Park Garage

303 23rd Street, Miami Beach, Florida

Collins Park

22nd Street & Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139