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Tri-Rail is Coming to Downtown Miami, Says the Big Cheese

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"It's going to happen" said Jack Stephens, the executive director of South Florida Regional Transit Authority, a.k.a. Tri-Rail, about the extension of Tri-Rail into Downtown Miami. They have most of the money promised to build their portion of the Downtown MiamiCentral station. The last $20 million is coming from the Florida Department of Transportation, which has not yet released the money due to an "insurance complication because of the interaction of private and public rail passengers on about a four-mile stretch of line near 71st Street," says the Miami Herald. Yes, that sounds silly, but Stephens has indicated to the Herald that he sees FDOT getting over it, and BOOM, here comes the choo choo. If everything goes to plan, they expect to be operational by the first or second quarter of 2017.
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Future Fec Downtown Miami Station

200 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida