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Inside That Fort Lauderdale House That Was The Country's Most Expensive for, Like, Five Minutes

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Photos courtesy Denio Madera-Design

When the gigantic, over-the-top, gilt-covered, under construction mansion on Hillsboro Beach known as Le Palais Royal hit the market and the news hit the world exactly one year ago to the day (September 4th) the $139 million wedding cake was the most expensive house for sale in the United States. Le Palais Royal would soon be dethroned by ever more costly real estate, but construction has nevertheless continued and the house is turning out to be just as glitzy, garlanded, and gilded as the renderings suggested. And it's only getting bigger. According to Le Palais Royal's architect Denio Madera, who has photographically documented its construction, the owners have acquired the property to the north and are expanding with a guesthouse and underground sports complex.

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