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'Facades' Conference Coming to 'Skin Deep' Miami

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At first it's sort of like a bad joke, then after a few 'ha ha's it's really not. The Architect's Newspaper is bringing its noted conference on architectural facades to Miami tomorrow, to explore how our buildings' outer skins are adapting to climate change, hurricanes, bold new zoning codes, and all that starchitecture. However accurately or inaccurately, Miami is still known as a shallow city, a city where beauty is skin deep; a city of facades, if you will. Architecture critic Alastair Gordon, always a speaker of sort of gutting truths, is the one to point that out, but also to say that Miami's on the brink of a transformation. "In that way the city's changing in a really good way." So basically a bunch of architects are coming to Miami tomorrow to talk about superficial we are, but in a good way. On the face of it, well, okay.
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