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Miami Rents Decrease in December For First Time in Months

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Rents in Miami began to cool in December after three consecutive months of increases, with one-bedroom median rents dropping to $1,820, according to a report by Zumper. That figure continues to put Miami at ninth nationally.

Two-bedroom median rents dropped slightly to $2,520, down from $2,550 in November. Both one-bedroom and two-bedroom median rents are still up year over year at seven percent and 12 percent, respectively. If you look back a year, you'll see rents actually rose from November to December by three percent ($1,700 to $1,750).

San Francisco (1BR-$3,490 and 2BR-$4,630) continues to pace the nation, followed by New York (1BR-$3,280 and 2BR-$3,800) and Boston (1BR-$2,390 and 2BR-$2,660). For perspective, Jacksonville came in 31st with $760 and $950 for one-bedroom and two-bedroom median rents, respectively.

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