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Pablo Escobar's Former Miami Beach Mansion to be Demolished; Loot Inside?

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Pablo Escobar's former home via One Sotheby's

Pablo Escobar's former Miami Beach mansion will be leveled early next week after its current owner unleashed an exhaustive high-tech search targeting cash, drugs, and even human remains. The demolition will be documented for an upcoming television documentary.

Chicken Kitchen CEO Christian de Berdouare and wife Jennifer Valoppi purchased the pink home at 5860 North Bay Road in May 2014 for $9.65 million. Sitting on Biscayne Bay nearby La Gorce Golf Course, the four-bedroom, six-bathroom home was purchased by the Columbian drug lord in 1980 for $762,500 before getting seized by U.S. authorities in 1987. Besides being owned by arguably the most infamous drug lord on the planet, the home has another unique feature: massive holes punched through the walls, alluding to a previous search.

The tale is Escobar, who had an estimated net worth of $30 billion, couldn't launder his money quickly enough and stashed his cash at his properties. "The producers of the documentary say a hidden safe and 70s-era weapons are part of their storyline so far," according to a press release,"and that a diagnostic team has found many suspicious areas during sophisticated testing with ground penetrating radar equipment. Those areas will soon be excavated in search of the hidden money and drugs former DEA agents say may still be buried under the house."

Berdouare plans to eventually build a mansion on the 7,336-square-foot site but is unsure whether they'll ever live there, according to the Miami Herald, as the couple also owns three other properties on the same street - they're at 5004 North Bay Road and 5750 North Bay Road, according to public records.

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