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Report: A Hidden Safe Was Stolen From Pablo Escobar's Ex-Miami Beach Home

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The demolition of Pablo Escobar's former South Beach home at 5860 North Bay Road began this morning with bizarre drama in tow.

To public knowledge, no drugs, cash or human remains were uncovered just yet amid a high-tech treasure hunt of Pablo's ex digs.

However, there was a recent robbery on the property currently owned by Chicken Kitchen CEO Christian de Berdouare. According to NBC Miami, a secret safe hidden under the stairwell was stolen within the last 30 days:

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, just one week before demolition was set to begin, a handyman discovered that aside from the grill and generator, thieves had stolen a 10-inch round metal safe previously hidden under a staircase in the home. According to a police report, the handyman first noticed the safe when the couple purchased the home in 2014, and stated that it was flush and surrounded by marble. de Berdouare and Valoppi were reportedly unaware of the safe because it was underground, police said. Acosta also noticed several broken tiles and large hole in the area where the safe was once located.
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The homeowners filed a police report Sunday regarding the grill, the generator, and the mysterious safe. This tear-down will be featured in an upcoming documentary. Not even one full day in and the storylines are pumping. Coming soon to Netflix?

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