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Report: Pasty White Package Found at Pablo Escobar's Former Home (Not Cocaine)

Photo by Josh Baumgard/Curbed Miami

Before the demolition began yesterday of Pablo Escobar's former Miami Beach house, a "suspicious package" was found, according to the Miami Herald, and no, it was not cocaine or ecstasy.

Chicken Kitchen lord Chrisitan de Berdouare, current owner of the demolition site at 5860 North Bay Road, showed off one of the items he found before the house met the excavator.

On Tuesday, de Berdouare showed off his findings: a white or cream-colored package, approximately one foot long, wrapped in plastic with metal seals on the ends. De Berdouare said that the "suspicious" cylinder was found under an old stove in the garage. He described the consistency of the object as "a white paste."

Miami Beach Police Department officials said the package was examined last weekend and police concluded that the package did not contain cocaine or ecstasy.

So what was it? Toothpaste?

This comes after news of a hidden safe being stolen sometime in the weeks leading up to the tear-down, which has to be becoming one of the most entertaining of its kind. Not only did de Berdouare pronounce the dated pink home as the "the house of the devil" but his wife had a priest bless the property after they purchased it, saying "there was a very negative energy inside the house."

Keep in mind, they're also filming a documentary about the experience.

Blessed or not, my gut is this property is probably going to be back on the market after the next house is built on top of the devil's corpse. View photos of the demo here.

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