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Unique South Beach Mediterranean Returns to Market for $18M

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24 S Hibiscus

Back in March of 2014, Curbed featured this six-bedroom, eight-bathroom mansion on Hibiscus Island as its House of the Day when it was listed for $22.5 million. Listed now for $17.9 million, scroll through the gallery and you'll immediately come to the realization the 13,000-square-foot Mediterranean is unlike its neighbors.

For one, it has hundreds of feet of sailcloth spiraling down from the rooftop. There's a spiral stairwell leading into the pool from one of the upstairs terraces. Are those bar chairs wrapped in deer antlers? They might be. Additionally, it's fixed with tiered pools, a boat house, guest house, cabana and entertaining area on the roof. It last sold for $10.6 million in 2008 and looks like it was airlifted out of Greece.

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