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$2B Tunnel for Downtown Miami is Being Evaluated

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via The Next Miami/FDOT

As discussions continue over the execution of a Signature Bridge at the heart of Miami, a study by the Florida Department of Transportation was conducted to see what a tunnel would cost to put a chunk of I-395 and Biscayne Boulevard underground. The results? It would cost about $1.3 billion more than the estimated (and approved) $600-million bridge, per The Next Miami.

This project would replace the Signature Bridge entirely but good luck funding it. Other highlights of the study: the tunnel would be out of commission during severe storms and hurricanes due to flooding concerns, parts of the Metromover would need reconstruction, and obviously parts of Biscayne Boulevard and nearby streets would need to be closed during construction. Sounds like a fun potential development as Miami residents are still yearning for more pressing matters, like a reliable mass public transportation system.

FDOT will present the study to Miami commissioners this week.

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