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Miami DDA May Help Extend Brickell Bridge Lockdown Hours

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As more and more buildings rocket towards the sky in Brickell and Downtown Miami, a greater stressor is placed on major roads to accommodate the burgeoning traffic. This is no more apparent than on the Brickell Avenue Bridge, which might be headed towards a change of schedule to better help Miamians commute during rush hour.

According to the Daily Business Review, the Miami Downtown Development Authority has hired Lydecker Diaz partner Alex Tirado-Luciano "to present the issue" to the U.S. Coast Guard of keeping the drawbridge closed during rush hour after noting reoccurring openings during the periods when the traffic is supposed to be flowing. The bridge is owned and operated by the state but regulated by the Coast Guard. The previously-agreed-to times are as follows (Monday through Friday):

- 7:35 to 8:59 a.m.
- 12:05 to 12:59 p.m.
- 4:35 to 5:59 p.m.

Only boats in distress, pushed by tugboat, or government vessels are supposed to be able to cross during those hours. The DDA noted 682 openings during those hours in one year, 38 of which that were "clear violations."

Tirado-Luciano is working pro bono on the case and besides pushing for better enforcement, will discuss potentially extending the bridge's downtime hours to properly reflect Miami rush hour. The new schedule would be petitioned once enough data on traffic flow is collected.

If only they built a tunnel years ago. However that is something city officials were taking a look at as of last September. But that won't come cheap, with another tunnel being evaluated to potentially replace Miami's much-talked-about Signature Bridge that would cost an estimated $2 billion. Flying cars can't come soon enough.

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