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Miami's Hottest Projected Neighborhoods of 2016

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Granada Entrance via Phillip Pessar/Flickr

Redfin released their annual ranking of the hottest neighborhoods for 2016. Although Florida was not represented in their top 10 nationally, they did have a local agent provide a short list specific to Miami.

First, the national ranking is below:

Miami's top three neighborhoods for the new year are Coral Terrace, Sunset, and Granada. The predictions were based off "the most recent growth" in page views and favorites on, also factoring in feedback from local agents. Public transit, affordability and charm were Redfin's focal points. All three neighborhoods are located southwest of Miami's core, between the Turnpike and US1.

"A lot of people want to live in Coral Gables but can't afford the homes there, so they are turning to neighborhoods nearby like Coral Terrace, Sunset and Granada," local Redfin agent Cecilia Cordova said. "In Coral Terrace and Granada you'll find Spanish-style homes built in the mid-century, which would be much more expensive if they were located just a few blocks away in Coral Gables. The homes in Sunset are newer and have large lots and generous square footage. All three neighborhoods have easy access to the highways that go to downtown Miami and Brickell, making them attractive to commuters."

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