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Miami Has the Fourth "Smartest" Homes in the Country


Miami is home to the fourth smartest homes in the United States, according to a recent study by Realtor. Phoenix came in first. They analyzed homes nationwide with features depicting "Smart Home Technology," defined as "products or tools that aid in controlling a home's functions, such as lighting or temperature, either remotely by a connected device or with a separate automatic system within the home itself."
The study found the three most desirable smart-home features to be security, thermostat, and lighting. The Miami market ranked ranked seventh in smart security and second in smart lighting. It did not rank in the top ten in smart thermostats. Maybe it's because a smart thermostat isn't really a need with temperatures always sizzling? It's not surprising to see the Miami market rank so high in smart houses when you consider South Florida is currently the nation's fifth most valuable housing market.

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