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Coconut Grove is the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year

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Cocowalk via @__eatprayrun
Another Curbed Cup champion has been crowned. Congratulations to Coconut Grove for winning our annual contest for neighborhood of the year, as voted on by Curbed readers. One of sixteen neighborhoods in 2015's bracket, the Grove slid past Sunset Harbour by a 303-249 vote in the final after defeating two giants in the first rounds in No. 1 seed Brickell and No. 4 seed South Beach.

The Grove joins MiMo District (2014), Sunset Harbour (2013) and Midtown (2012) as Curbed Cup Miami champions. Thank you to all who voted. The 2016 Curbed Cup will return next December as Coconut Grove looks to defend its first title.

· Curbed Cup 2015 [Curbed Miami]