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Miami Mayor: Miami-Cuba Ferry Service is 'Inevitable'

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The PortMiami plot of land where David Beckham failed to secure a MLS stadium site has become the location desired by Miami-Dade County officials to build a terminal for ferries running between Miami and Cuba, reports the Miami Herald. It's a project Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado calls "inevitable."

The report names Key West, Port Everglades and Port Manatee as additional Florida ports interested in the Cuba ferry service. The potential location for a new terminal at PortMiami would be the southwest corner, overlooking downtown Miami.

Port Director Juan Kuryla anticipates "it's going to be a flourishing business here in Miami.

"What's better for us than creating another berth, for a very legitimate maritime purpose? Which is a ferry option." Cuban authorities, however, must give the green light for this dream to become a reality, with a potential hurdle being a Cuban law prohibiting those born in the country from commuting to and from the country by boat.


1015 N America Way, Miami, FL