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Report: Man behind nude Trump statue theft in Wynwood will not be prosecuted

Despite cutting off the head!

Despite stealing the infamous nude Donald Trump statue worth $50,000 and cutting off its head, the thief, Pedro Rodriguez, will not be prosecuted, according to the Miami Herald.

The reason: The anti-Trump developer behind the artwork declined to pursue charges, prosecutors announced on Wednesday.

"The goal was to bring awareness to both art and politics," said David Lederman, the lawyer for developer Moishe Mana, who had the iconic statue placed atop the Harold Golen Gallery.

"Although we never anticipated it being stolen, it has helped reinvigorate interest in the statue and Donald Trump’s political views. We didn’t feel pressing charges would be appropriate, especially if it would harm this young gentleman’s future."

Elegantly titled "Emperor Has No Balls, the work by INDECLINE was stolen from a Wynwood gallery a few weeks ago.

Unlucky for the perp, a security guard was able to take a picture his license plate.

Rodriguez, who has a history of criminal-mischief arrests, later surrendered to police but refused to talk to detectives. Somebody dropped off the statue at the Miami police station — its head had been chopped off, but clumsily reattached.

As if this election year could get any stranger.