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Plans for “cleaned up” King of Diamonds in South Beach are in full swing

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“We Wet Willies, we club Mango’s, we LIV—all combined in one”

Akinyele at his new club space on South Beach
Akinyele at his new club space on South Beach

King of Diamonds: South Beach?

Once news of a potential strip club affiliated with the King of Diamonds name could be headed to 13th Street and Ocean Drive, Miami Beach Mayor Phillip Levine made it clear that "adult entertainment establishments are not permitted at this premises pursuant to the City’s Land Development Regulations."

However, it appears Akinyele Adams, businessman and rapper known for hit single "Put it in Your Mouth," has no intention of opening a true strip club.

Titled V-Live Miami, and presented as "King of Diamonds on South Beach," the business is already promoting in full swing on Instagram and Facebook with a target opening of early July. They've already posted about casting calls.

"We Wet Willies, we club Mango’s, we LIV—all combined in one," Akinyele said in a video on All-Hip Hop TV. "We’re trying to get this opened before July 4."

It was announced in a press release in August that the club would be a "cleaned-up version" of a strip club, offering scantily clad women, music, and soul food.

"We’re selling soul food on South Beach," Akinyele said. "You gotta have good security. You gotta to be ice old here... don’t get too close to the ladies or you will pay child support. Welcome, world-famous King of Diamonds, V Live, Ocean Drive, South Beach."

What’s still confusing is a lawyer representing King of Diamonds in Miami Gardens said the club wasn’t affiliated with the one in Miami Gardens. Also, their branding appears to infringe on the Miami Marlins’ logo, which could spell potential legal trouble.

Casting call oct 13th ladies!!

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The Marlins’ logo:

Stay safe, #FishFamily.

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In a recent episode of an online series highlighting Akinyele’s new business, there was footage of a woman named Daffini Evans modeling what apparently will be the uniform of the dancers in front of a sign reading "V Live Miami."

South Beach residents are going to love this.

We reached out to Mayor Levine’s office for a comment but haven’t heard back yet.

Akinyele (right) talking to Chinese Kitty behind the bar
All Hip Hop TV