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Yacht Roundup: Gladius, Lady Sara, and Helios are in Miami

It’s a superyacht frenzy in Miami this week

via Yacht Charter Fleet

Several majestic new superyachts have made their way to the Magic City this week, including Gladius, Lady Sara, and Helios, with the latter measuring just under 200 feet!

Let’s learn a little about each, in order from smallest to largest:

Gladius (pictured above)

Size: 127 feet

Location: Epic Marina, Downtown Miami

Gladius is one of the sleekest yachts we’ve come across, with weekly charters ranging from $80,000 to $85,000 a week depending on the season.

Lady Sara

Size: 187 feet

Location: Island Gardens Marina, Watson Island

Lady Sara can be chartered for $322,000 a week, and features Art Deco styling, painted murals, unique stonework, and etched glass.


Size: 194 feet

Location: Museum Park, Downtown Miami

Last is the big fish, the 194-foot Helios, which sleeps 12 guests and features a sundeck jacuzzi and bar, beach club, and fitness center.