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Hassan Whiteside is getting a 1500-gallon fish tank in his new Miami Beach pad

Whiteside paid $7M for a new home in the summer

Update: Here's Hassan Whiteside's new custom fish tank. Coming to an episode of Tanked?


Days away from the NBA regular season and Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside is already making a splash, this one off the court in the form of a 1500-gallon fish tank, per the Miami Herald.

Hassan Whiteside contacted the producers of the cable series, Tanked, who install elaborate and sometimes over-the-top fish tanks in the homes of celebrities and others, and asked if he could have one. They agreed to install a 1500 gallon tank in his home.

It’s not certain whether that means Whiteside will definitely appear on the show that airs on Animal Planet, but it appears to be a possibility. Whiteside has shown interest in aquariums in the past, as evidenced by his Instagram.

Aquarium goals!!!

A photo posted by Hassan whiteside (@hassanwhiteside) on

Whiteside paid $7 million for a modern home in Miami Beach this past summer not long after re-signing with the Heat for $96 million over four seasons.

You can tour that home here.