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Aston Martin Residences coming next to Epic Hotel in Downtown Miami

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Branded by the British car maker

British luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin is getting in on the plump Miami condo scene, with news that the previously announced development coming to 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way will bare the Aston Martin brand, per the Miami Herald.

The British car maker — known for giving James Bond his wheels since Goldfinger — announced Wednesday that it will partner with wealthy Argentine developers on a 66-story condo tower called the Aston Martin Residences at the mouth of the Miami River in downtown Miami. The licensing deal marks the auto company’s first venture into real estate. A team from Aston Martin will design the building’s common areas and amenities, including lobbies, fitness centers and a spa.

"It’s not a brand-slapping exercise," said Katia Bassi, a vice president at Aston Martin. The company wants to make its mark "in all the [cities] where it’s important to be, and Miami is one of those," she said.

While it was previously reported to be 70 stories with 384 units, it has since been altered to 66 stories and 390 units.

The plot of land housing the future development is located next to the Epic Hotel and was purchased by Argentina’s Coto family for $125 million two years ago.

"We need to give buyers a unique experience," Coto said through a translator. "That’s why we thought about Aston Martin, because we’re talking about luxury, we’re talking about authenticity."

The initial plans for the development's amenities called for a lighthouse on the top floor.