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Tom Cruise’s rumored Clearwater penthouse includes a flight simulator

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Is Tom Cruise moving to Clearwater?

Rumor has it Tom Cruise is buying a sweet penthouse at an upcoming boutique condo in Clearwater, per Gossip Extra, with the area also happening to be Scientology’s "worldwide spiritual headquarters."

And, according to a church official, the top two floors of The Skyview building are set to be for Scientology’s poster boy Cruise.

Over the past few years Cruise has sold about $100 million of his properties, but he’s not bought anything yet.

Those sales include his estate in Beverly Hills for $40 million this past summer and his European-style home in Laurel Canyon a year ago for $11.4 million.

Per the Skyview website, the building is the site of a former bank, with the new development maintaining and reinforcing the "sturdy steel and concrete framework initially designed to house the bank’s vault while gutting everything else in preparation for its dramatic renovation."

The penthouse will also reportedly feature a flight simulator, private nine-car garage, car elevator, and separate building entrance.

The 51-unit building is a block off the bay and the developer is Moises Agami, a Scientologist from Mexico City, according to Tony Ortega.

Clearwater is a small town on the water outsider of Tampa on the west coast of Florida. Renderings of the building, which has been delayed, are below.