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$65M Mediterranean on Star Island becomes Miami’s priciest home

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Tour Miami’s most expensive residence

View of a gorgeous goliath mediterannean mansion on miami beach with orange tile.
46 Star Island
Courtesy of One Sotheby’s/AlexTPhoto

Move over Faena penthouse, this $65 million mansion at 46 Star Island Drive with over 250 feet of bay frontage just became the most expensive home for sale in Miami-Dade County.

Owned by Rally Manufacturing founder Marco R. Iacovelli, the 18,356-square-foot monstrosity was built in 1923 as the home of Miami’s Yacht Club before being renovated into a single family home.

The residence resembles a lavish resort and has 10 bedrooms, a gym, and a gorgeous open kitchen. The property was purchased for $1.825 million in 1987, per the Miami Herald, and neighbors include Stuart Miller.

This is a must-tour!