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A transforming smart boat was at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Able to expand to a 40-percent larger vessel at the touch of a button

The 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is in the rearview and we’ve come across some amazing motorboats, yachts, and water toys, including five mammoth superyachts.

But the most intriguing boat this year might be the Evo 43 (pronounced Ay-vow), a 43-foot smart boat that’s able to change its shape at the touch of a button from your cell phone or tablet. Via Digital Trends:

That concept? An impressive Transformers-style bit of engineering, which means that with one tap of your smartphone or the yacht’s on-board tablet you can transform its deck area from a regular width of 14.8 feet to an expanded 20.7 feet. For those keeping track at home, that gives you an impressive 40 percent extra space, allowing the proud yacht owner in question to comfortably host up to 12 people.

“The most unique feature is the [yacht’s] transforming beach area,” Valerio Rivellini, Evo 43’s naval architect designer, tells Digital Trends. “In just 30 seconds the bulwarks opens transforming the cockpit into a 25 square meter terrace that can have a variety of [uses], according to the owner’s desires. We have already created several layouts for this area, with a great choice of furniture.”

Other smart features include the control of lighting and floor-retractable tables. So incredibly cool!