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King tides land octopus in Miami Beach garage, realtor snaps a photo

Captured by a realtor in the garage of Mirador 1000

Those king tides sweeping through South Florida that routinely cause havoc on South Beach in the form of flooding, brought a foreign visitor into the garage at Mirador 1000 on West Avenue: a live octopus!

Beach resident Richard Conlin, a broker with Hahne Real Estate, snapped a photo of the sea creature Sunday night and shared it to his Facebook page.

Conlin says he was told a security guard returned the octopus to Biscayne Bay via a bucket filled with seawater. He also posted a video of water bubbling up through the drain, a common occurrence in Miami Beach, especially during high tides like these.

Posted by Richard Conlin on Monday, November 14, 2016

The building is adjacent to an intersection that was already raised to combat flooding but those band-aid fixes are no match for the super moon’s king tides, with bay water rising up through the ground.

One would assume this issue will only get worse as sea levels continue to rise due to the effects of global warming, an issue Donald Trump’s handpicked EPA transition leader thinks is “nothing to worry about.”

Hopefully the octopus made it back to his home safely.