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Miami has the nation’s 5th best airport for holiday travel, study says

Fort Lauderdale also fared high, coming in at No. 9

Sometimes you don’t realize how good you have it, relatively speaking.

While traveling to and from Miami International Airport can be a source of angst for many, MIA graded out extremely well nationally for holiday travel, according to NerdWallet, ranking No. 5 in the country during the busy season:

Data for the past three years for November and December show that flights from Miami International were canceled at less than half (0.6%) the rate at the average U.S. airport (1.24%). The restaurants here tied for the second-highest Yelp score, with an average of 4.2 stars out of 5. The average Yelp rating among the 50 airports analyzed is 3.6.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport also placed in the Top 10, coming in at No. 9 thanks to its also stellar cancelation rate:

This airport is the third in Florida to make the top 10 list. While its rates of flight departure delays are close to average, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International stands out for its infrequent cancellations and crowd-pleasing restaurant quality. Its cancellation rate is among the lowest at 0.60%, and the Yelp average of 4.2 stars out of 5 ties for the second-highest restaurant score.

Before seeing the results I would’ve guessed FLL would’ve surpassed MIA, as its sister airport to the north seems to never present the same level of stress for departing flights.

The Top 3:

1. Honolulu International (HNL)

2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (ATL)

3. Phoenix Sky Harbor International (PHX)

Miami International Airport (MIA)

2100 NW 42nd Ave., Miami, FL 33142