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Miami Marine Stadium secures $45M for renovation

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The Miami City Commission signs off on a $45M bond proposal

Miami Marine Stadium secured the funding needed to green-light its renovation, with the Miami City Commission signing off on a $45 million bond proposal, clearing the way for the rebirth of Miami’s most unique stadium.

The restoration effort was launched in the summer with the “Save Your Seat” crowdfunding campaign, a collaboration between the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Heineken USA. That project raised over $110,000 and donors will receive gifts in the form of shirts, concert tickets or stadium seats depending on the amount given.

The iconic bayfront stadium once housed shows and concerts showcasing big-name artists like Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys.

Constructed in 1963 on Virginia Key, the concrete structure has since become a barren graffiti canvas with the city declaring it an unsafe building after getting pummeled by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

“This is a great day for Miami Marine Stadium and for the millions of people in South Florida who love this important place,” said Stephanie Meeks, CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “When we named Miami Marine Stadium a National Treasure in 2012, our goal was to ensure that future generations will be able to experience this remarkable place – one that captures the spirit of South Florida like no other structure. We applaud this important decision and stand ready to work with the City of Miami to make this restoration a reality.”

Miami Marine stadium

Virginia Key, Key Biscayne, Florida