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Curbed Cup Round 2: (1) Coconut Grove vs. (8) Surfside

The second round commences

Coconut Grove

Round 2 of the Curbed Cup will run today and tomorrow.

Voting for each pairing ends 24 hours after it begins.

(1) Coconut Grove

Our No. 1 overall seed was rewarded for winning the 2015 Curbed Cup in South Florida as a No. 9 seed. In Round 1, the Grove captured more than 76 percent of the vote to waltz past (16) Hollywood.

The extremely walkable area south of Brickell returns as our top dog, armed with a slew of fantastic parks, excellent restaurant options, some standout homes (like Hammock House), and one of Miami’s hottest new developments in Grove at Grand Bay.

(8) Surfside

Surfside narrowly edged Sunny Isles Beach in the opening round by a mere 18 points.

The area should be a threat this year according to Curbed reader Howard, who nominated the area based “on exciting new developments, shopping, restaurants, walkability, the ocean, an oceanside community center, its own police force and classic beach house architecture,” among other reasons.

The neighborhood fell in Round 1 last year, but it has a lot to offer as we head into 2017, including some solid food options like Josh’s Deli, a quiet beach, and unique projects like like 88 Hundred Collins and the major renovation at Surf Club.