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A food hall could be headed to South Beach

Time Out Market is planning to open near Lincoln Road

Time Out Market in Lisbon

South Beach could be getting a game-changing food hall in the near future, with The Next Miami reporting Time Out Market is seeking to construct a food-based experience at the ground floor of a garage at 1601 Drexel Avenue on the east side of Lincoln Road.

The concept opened in Lisbon with great success, now attracting two million visitors a year, per the company’s website. Time Out Markets are also expected in London and New York.

TNM indicates they’ll need a waiver, however:

Miami Beach’s Planning Board must grant a waiver, since the 2009 approval of the garage restricted the number of restaurant seats and from entertainment use. A hearing is scheduled on January 24.

A complex like this would certainly provide a positive boost to the island’s food scene, though it’s uncertain whether they can replicate Lisbon’s experience structurally (see below), considering the garage.