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Curbed Cup Final Four: (4) South Beach vs. (8) Surfside

Who will make the final?

The 2016 Miami Curbed Cup semifinals are here, pitting underdog (8) Surfside, which shocked (1) Coconut Grove in the last round, against the always sizzling (4) South Beach.

(5) South Beach

Making it one of the most unique neighborhoods in South Florida is its diversity across a multitude of categories.

West Avenue provides incredible contrast to Ocean Drive just as Lincoln Road opposes South of Fifth. Great restaurants saturate the area, both costly (Prime 112, Joe’s) and reasonable (Huahua's, Shake Shack), in addition to a wide array of activities, from clubbing to paddleboarding.

You won’t get much bang for your buck in housing but that’s the price residents pay for lifestyle and vicinity to the sand. The arrival of Faena District was among the island’s biggest highlights of 2016 -- and Zika.

(8) Surfside

The area should be a threat this year according to Curbed reader Howard, who nominated the area based “on exciting new developments, shopping, restaurants, walkability, the ocean, an oceanside community center, its own police force and classic beach house architecture,” among other reasons.

The neighborhood fell in Round 1 last year, but it has a lot to offer as we head into 2017, including some solid food options like Josh’s Deli, a quiet beach, and unique projects like like 88 Hundred Collins and the major renovation at Surf Club.