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This $20M Fisher Island listing features hungry kids in the photos

A unique approach

Distinguishing this near-$20 million listing from the pack in Fisher Island—outside of its awesomeness—is a unique collection of photos displaying its family-friendly living, some showing what appears to be some unhappy children.

Among the 30-plus photos showcasing the 9,826-square-foot residence at Palazzo Del Sol is a boy who clearly is being forced to play pool with his dad against his will.

via Estately

... and a little girl who probably had her iPod taken away...

However, it appears they might’ve just been very hungry.

Jokes aside, the seven-bedroom residence comprised of two combined units asking $19.7 million appears to be splendid, with nearly 2,000 square feet of terrace, private elevator entry, and gorgeous bay views.

Palazzo Del Sol, Fisher Island

7000 Fisher Island Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33109 (305) 535-6071