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Miami Beach is the most expensive New Year’s Eve destination in the US, again

Topping out at over $1,700 a night!

With fears of Zika in the rearview and temperatures lowering to more comfortable levels as the northeast freezes over, Miami again has become a premier travel destination across the globe.

This is especially the case on New Year Eve as Miami Beach again paces the nation among the most expensive NYE destinations, followed by Atlantic City and New York City, according to

The study analyzed minimum price points for an overnight stay on December 31, only considering hotels with a rating of three stars or greater in coveted locations. They found Miami Beach’s cheapest room to be $366.

If we take a look at the high-end hotels on the beach (via and checking availability on each hotel’s websites), a last-minute stay at 1 Hotel South Beach starts at an incomprehensible $1,754! The next priciest available options are the Miami Beach Edition for $1175 and the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, which runs you $1029.

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The top ten priciest NYE options across the nation (prices are minimums in three star hotels or better, located in coveted areas):

1. Miami Beach $366 (+111%)

2. Atlantic City $351 (+232%)

3. New York City $349 (+ 189%)

4. Nashville $344 (+192%)

5. Denver $315 (+161%)

6. Savannah $315 (+169%)

7. Indianapolis $309 (+225%)

8. Las Vegas 299 (+174%)

9. Atlanta $276 (+176%)

10. Philadelphia $274 (+125%)

The Edition Miami Beach

2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140 (786) 257-4500 Visit Website

1 Hotel South Beach

2341 Collins Avenue, , FL 33139 Visit Website