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Highlights from the International Sand Art Competition in Key West

The third annual sand-sculpting event

A man is sculpting his sand art installation in Key West.
Abe Waterman’s 'One Love' at Key West’s  International Sand Art Competition
Courtesy of Johnny White, Mile Zero

While Miami Art Week took over South Florida last weekend, a low-key but incredibly cool art event recently took place to the south in Key West: the third annual International Sand Art Competition.

Held at Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria, the five-day sand sculpting event takes place around Thanksgiving, with contestants using only sand and water to create their masterpieces.

This year’s winner Morgan Rudluff with 'Unravel, Break, Mend.’

Unravel, Break, Mend
Johnny White, Mile Zero

Guy-Olivier Deveau was the runner up with 'Succubi.’

Johnny White, Mile Zero

Joo Heng Tan’s ‘The Drop.’

The Drop
Johnny White, Mile Zero

Rusty Croft’s 'Out to Lunch.'

Out to Lunch
Johnny White, Mile Zero