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Miami Beach's 'Clean AF' Campaign is... Different

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Has anyone noticed anything a bit peculiar while commuting east along 36th street by Midtown Miami?

No, not drivers testing your brake pads with sudden u-turns from the right lane or naked people popping up through the sun roof - these things are ingrained in Miami's culture. I'm referring to the "Let's keep Miami Beach clean AF (and fit)" campaign plastered to the side of a building as you approach Biscayne Boulevard.

Of course, the most common meaning of the AF acronym in today's whacky world of social media lingo is "as f---" not "and fit." Urban Dictionary's example of it in a sentence is "that dinner was goof AF."

We did receive a statement from City of Miami Beach spokesperson Melissa Berthier.

"The City of Miami Beach works hard to keep our beaches and public spaces clean and beautiful, but we need the community's help," Berthier said. "The current campaign ad, displayed near Midtown Miami, is just the beginning of a yearlong initiative aimed at directing attention to the issue and encouraging our residents and visitors to stay fit and help keep the city we love "in shape" by curbing littering.

"We are proud of this admittedly non-traditional campaign, and its success in capturing attention while raising awareness for this crucial issue."

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