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The 'Silver Fast' Superyacht is in Miami Asking $90M

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Silver Fast via Burgess Yachts

The "Silver Fast" superyacht has arrived for Superyacht Miami on Island Gardens Deep Harbour, located on Watson Island. Sizing up at 952 tons and about 253 feet, the beautiful, cutting-edge vessel has an asking price of $90 million.

Photos via Burgess Yachts Other Silver Fast features:

· It's the world's largest and fastest aluminum motor yacht with conventional propulsion
· Accommodates 16 guests and a crew of 18
· Touch-n-Go Helipad
· Knifes through the water at speeds of up to 27 knots
· She has her own music video (below)
· Fit for a Bond villain

The Silver Fast's live location via Marine Traffic:

A photo posted by @jcweller on

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