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Top 10 South Beach Instagram Photos of the Week

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Photo via @spatari

Today, we begin a weekly feature highlighting the Top 10 Instagram photos of a particular South Florida neighborhood from throughout the week.

Appropriate subjects can range from nature to architecture to boats and cars. This week's focus is #SouthBeach. Congrats to @Spatari for taking the top spot with his magical silhouette "walking on sunshine."
Next week we head to #Brickell.

Hint: Tag #CurbedMiami in your upcoming photos of Brickell to make your photos easier for us to find.

10. Chrome Lamborghini at the Fontainebleau

A photo posted by Jack Evans (@jackev94) on

9. Sobe colors

A photo posted by Tyson Fischer (@fischerty) on

8. South Beach Sunsets

7. The Gilded Mammoth at Faena Hotel

A photo posted by Simon Davies (@simonreddavies) on

6. Miami From Above

A photo posted by Carlos Valdecantos (@cvaldecc) on

5. Engagement Photo at South Pointe Park

4. Surf's Up

A photo posted by Robert Lyon (@robertlyonsurf) on

3. The Magic City

A photo posted by robe100 (@robe100) on

2. Ocean Drive Flow

1. Walking on Sunshine