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New Renderings of Miami Worldcenter's High Street Retail Promenade

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Miami Worldcenter renderings courtesy of Miami Worldcenter Associates

Weeks after Miami Worldcenter announced they were slashing the enclosed mall portion of the multi-billion dollar project in favor of high street retail, Miami Worldcenter Associates has released renderings of what that new promenade will look like.

The renderings show the open-air promenade that will be engulfed by residential towers, a hotel, and other dining and entertainment fixtures. They even have a fountain.

"Working with Forbes and Taubman, we've created a 'High Street' retail concept that takes full advantage of downtown Miami's rise as one of the nation's most densely-populated, walkable and well-connected neighborhoods," says Nitin Motwani, Managing Principal for Miami Worldcenter Associates. "By creating a network of open-air promenades and plazas, we'll ensure Miami Worldcenter is seamlessly integrated with surrounding streets while developing a street-level experience that draws visitors from across South Florida and around the world."

While Motwani currently might be overestimating Downtown Miami's walkability from a safety standpoint, here's to his vision of the future.

The formal groundbreaking of Miami Worldcenter's retail component and the adjoining Paramount tower will take place early March.

A street-level view of Miami Worldcenter's retail pedestrian promenade. Retailers have the option of either single story, two-story or possibly three-story spaces depending on their preference.

An aerial perspective of the new "High Street Retail" design from East to West. Paramount Miami Worldcenter will be connected to its amenity deck via a bridge that crosses over the open-air retail space.

Paramount Miami Residences

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Paramount Miami Worldcenter

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