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Sunset Harbor Residences Proposed Along Purdy Avenue in South Beach

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Rendering of Sunset Harbor Residences

Miami Beach's Land Use and Development Committee approved a request from Deco Capital Group to raise height limits for the mixed-use Sunset Harbor Residences along Purdy Avenue, per the Real Deal.

The city's land use committee late Wednesday approved a request from Deco Capital Group, LLC to raise height limits from 50 to 90 feet for a mixed-use project that is tentatively called Sunset Harbor Residences...Deco Capital plans to build 15 luxury condos on top of premium retail at 1733-1769 Purdy Avenue, a total of eight lots acquired in 2014. The planned building will front Purdy Avenue and overlook Maurice Gibb Park.

Michael Grieco was the only commissioner to vote against the amendment because it would be "making exceptions for a specific developer." He feels it could open a floodgate for adjacent property owners.

Another issue is regarding the Lofts at South Beach which is just south of the property, with its residents opposing the development because owners would lose views and exposure to the north. That residence is seeking financial compensation and is in negotiations with Deco Capital Group.

Meanwhile the area already looks like a war zone, with other developments amid construction and the city continuing to raise roads to combat flooding. Current residents have to be wondering when it all will end, with Sunset Harbour being among South Beach's highest-priced neighborhoods to live in.

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