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Key West Home Draped in Mosaic Tile Artwork Asks 565K

The tile depicts a life in the day of Key West

This three-bed, two-bath vibrant home for sale in Key West is asking $565,000 and was Realtor's most popular home last week.

It's easy to see why when we learned of the mosaic tile artwork coating the house's rear along with the base and sides of the pool. It's like the strawberry daiquiri of houses, and we expect nothing less form Miami's rambunctious cousin to the south.

The 1,654-square-foot home is on the central part of the island by Key West High School and already has an offer, via Realtor:

Listing agent Brian Trible told us the mosaic tile artwork on the back of the home depicts "a day in the life of Key West." And while the Keys are known for their funky art and architecture, Trible says the size and scope of this piece makes it stand out. Trible priced the home well below Key West’s average price of $680,000, and had an offer in hand within a week.